Legal Eagles Adams & Adams Adopt dotAfrica

January 21, 2019


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Major businesses continue to adopt the dotAfrica (.africa) geographic Top Level Domain (gTLD) in an effort to secure their African digital space. Most recently, leading Intellectual Property and Commercial Law firm, Adams & Adams, announced a digital identity switchover to on its social media accounts.

With branches and associates in more than 15 African countries, the changeover “celebrates our African identity and heritage”, says Adams and Adams. The next step is to transform “our email and web domains to reflect our changed identity and proud heritage”..

“celebrates our African identity and heritage”

Africa’s new home on the worldwide web is steadily making its way into leading brands’ DNA with the likes of Adams & Adams, ABSA, Lifetime TV Network and others realising the benefits of actively associating themselves with the Bright Continent and its one billion consumers.

“Seeing respected brands proudly supporting .africa URLs is thrilling. We congratulate Adams & Adams on their .africa transformation agenda,” says Lucky Masilela, CEO of .africa administrator, Registry Africa

Iconic .Africa Brand

The soon-to-be iconic .africa brand is increasingly being emblazoned on traditional and new media platforms across the continent.

“The availability of a new online space is clearly proving to be valuable to brands, agencies and their respective marketing campaigns, as this latest switch to .africa by Adams & Adams demonstrates,” adds Mr Masilela.

Africa is open for business

“Africa is open for business and .africa is our storefront. The africa gTLD is the perfect platform to promote the one place on earth that still boasts the widest selection of natural wonders, coupled with the best promise of future growth,” concluded Mr Masilela.

He urged other leading brands to not only register their own .africa (dotAfrica) domain names but to actively start using them. “By registering and using .africa (dotAfrica) domain names, brands receive both legal protection and marketing benefits, which include amongst others associating the brand’s products, services and information to the African continent,“ concluded Mr. Masilela.