Mark Validation System Tutorial


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  3. Creating Additional Users
  4. Basic Account Administration

Rights Protection

What is the Mark Validation System

The Mark Validation System is a uniquely designed service which allows mark holders to protect their brands through:

  • Verification of the Mark Holder
  • Validation of the Mark
  • Provision of unique key to securely register the mark as a domain name
  • Watch services for similar/infringing marks

Through the offered protection mechanisms, MVS ensures that the rightful holder of a registered mark has a smooth process for validation of their mark, successful registration of their mark as a domain name in their choice of domain space, and mechanisms for preemptively acting upon infringing registration of variants of their mark.

The Mark Validation System is a one-stop solution for global validation and protection of legitimate mark holders and their respective registered marks.

What are the benefits of the Mark Validation System?

The Mark Validation System offers the following benefits:

  • Central Repository
  • Validation and storage of all your marks and associated documentation in one central location. No more wondering about availability and time constraints regarding the proving of your mark.
  • Simple Process
    An easy to follow step-by-step process outlining the exact requirements for validating your mark.
  • Structured Fees
    All payments are defined in one currency, with fee structures specifically outlined and detailed by the MVS operator for validation and renewal of services.
  • Infringement Notifications
    Keep track of potential/actual infringements on your registered mark and their corresponding registered domains.

Frequently Asked Questions and Notes

Reservation or pre-registration of a domain name prior to the launch of any of the new ZACR gTLDs is not possible.

The concept of reservation is a common practice amongst Registrars whereby a “best-effort” is applied in order to obtain the domain name when the namespace launches.

Any application submitted during any of the .cities and .africa Sunrise phase must have a corresponding validation token (SMD) in order to obtain the highest possible priority allocation.

If an applicant wants to secure the best possible claim to a domain name application during the launch, it must be associated with a pre-validated trade mark in either the TMCH or MVS. Without this a claim to the corresponding domain name is relegated to lesser priority status. The official way in which you can best secure your rights to a name in the new ZACR gTLD namespace would be through the pre-validation of a registered mark.

Evidence of Use is a prerequisite for the MVS and requires 2 items:

A Signed Declaration of Use document

Sample proof of use

A sample of proof of use must be submitted in a document as a URL Link or photographic submission. The digital proof of use can be one of the following:

Advertising and marketing materials

Brochures, pamphlets, catalogs

Product manuals, displays or signage, press releases

Screen shots or social media marketing materials